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The Polish Navy
Primary Forces
Guided Missile Frigate - OLIVER HAZARD PERRY class;
ASW Corvette ORP "Kaszub";
Missile Corvettes - TARANTUL class;
Small Missile Ships - ORKAN class;
  KILO class;
  KOBBEN class;
Minehunters 206FM class;
  GARDNO class;
  MAMRY class;
  GOPLO class: ORP "Goplo";
Transport Mine-Layers LUBLIN class;
Other ships (mixed class):
  MCM Command and Support ship ORP "Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki";
  Large Tanker ORP "Baltyk";
  Salvage Ships:
    PIAST class;
    ZBYSZKO class;
  Hydrographic Vessels (Survey and Research):
  ORP "Arctowski";
  ORP "Heweliusz";
  Training Ships:
    WODNIK class;
    ISKRA class: ORP "Iskra II";
The Polish Navy shipborne forces consist also of about 40 auxiliary vessels, cutters and motorboats, etc.
The Ship-Museum (II world war) ORP "Blyskawica".


 ORP "Arctowski"

 ORP "Bałtyk"

 ORP "Błyskawica"

 ORP "Czernicki"

 ORP "Heweliusz"

 ORP "Kaszub"

 ORP "Orzeł"

 206FM type

 GARDNO type

 KOBBEN type

 LUBLIN type

 MAMRY type

 OH PERRY type

 ORKAN type

 PIAST type


 WODNIK type


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